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Parking location

The transfer time directly depends on how close the car park is to the airport. If you want to get to the terminal quickly, choose the car park closest to the airport. The access itself is also an important issue. Select a car park along your route.


Airport car parks differ in a number of amenities. In the autumn and winter season, the availability of waiting rooms is an important issue. It is also worth paying attention to whether the surface of the parking lot is paved. For some customers, an important issue is the ability to store the keys so that they do not have to worry about them while traveling.


The parking ratings on our website are a great factor in making the right choice. It is customer recommendations that are the best confirmation that a given parking lot will meet your expectations. Pay attention to the highest rated aspects and choose the place that suits you best.


The price of the parking lot is an extremely important factor. However, please note that there are many car parks and they are adapted to the needs of different customers. If you have higher requirements, don't choose the cheapest option. Sometimes a slight difference in price can make your trip a lot better.


All parking lots available at NextPark are completely safe. However, if you are concerned about your vehicle and want to feel even more confident - choose a yard that is monitored, insured and provides professional protection 24 hours a day. If you are arriving or departing at night, the lit square will facilitate your parking process.

Payment method

We strongly recommend parking lots that can be paid for online when booking. Thanks to this form, you will receive a payment confirmation immediately. Upon arrival at the parking lot, formalities will be kept to a minimum and the transfer to the airport will be made immediately. If you want to pay in the parking lot, check if it is also possible to pay by card.

Additional services

Airport car parks offer a number of additional services. If you want maximum comfort, choose a car park that offers Meet & Greet service. You can also choose car parks that offer a car wash service. A return journey in a clean and fragrant car is a wonderful feeling and the perfect end to a pleasant journey.

Parking size

Both large and small car parks have their advantages and disadvantages. By choosing a large square, you will receive a standardized service. Smaller car parks, however, have the other advantage that the short distance between the parking space and the shuttle car stop will reduce the time spent in the car park.

Families with children

Check if the car park offers a child seat during the transfer. If you prefer to use your own, ask if it is possible to store the seat in the parking lot until your return. Choose a high rated car park.

Companies and entrepreneurs

Select a car park that issues VAT invoices. This information can be found in the car park description on the NextPark website. If you are looking for a parking lot for more cars, contact us - we will offer a promotional solution.
If you still have questions about choosing a car park - write to us!

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